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The Family Table Collaborative was built by our community, for our community, and our Cape Cod community needs us now more than ever!  In order to meet that need, we need YOUR help with grass roots sustainable funding. Please consider pledging a monthly donation for the next 12 months so we can meet the needs of our friends and neighbors.  Your monthly donation will help us cover the cost of providing nearly 3000 meals a month.

Addressing the full cycle of food is a critical, year round mission. We’ve served over 120,000 meals to our communities, friends and neighbors but there are many more in need.

Creating grass roots sustainable helps us:

By pledging $50/mo for 12 months (in honor of Jeni’s turning 50) or any amount that you’re capable because it all matters, you’ll be helping our friends, neighbors and community:

  1. Increase nutritional security through distributing delicious nutritious fresh meals.
  2. Rescuing and redistributing more than 2,000 lbs a month of fresh produce back into our community with agencies that interface directly with families.
  3. Feed local farm animals that also contribute to our food supply and anything left becomes compost right here on Cape Cod.
  4. Reduces food waste and increases sustainability (Note: it’s estimated that up to 25% of carbon emissions can be attributed to food waste!)

This is critical because food is the #1 thing that impacts our physical and mental health: Healthier people create Healthier communities. Thats important to all of us.

By Completing the form below, you are authorizing our credit processor (Square), to securely process for the selected amount for twelve months to help the FTC continue it’s mission to…

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