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Let’s Make a Change.

Our mission is to end hunger and improve nutritional security on Cape Cod by breaking down the barriers of access to both prepared meals and education.

All profits from the café & tavern, local maker’s market, kitchen space rental, special events and classes will go to running, sustaining, and growing the Family Table Collaborative.


Where we started


Raised so far to operationalize our organization


Needed to secure the mortgage at 1338 Route 28


Loaned back to us in in operating capital with property purchase


Total goal to become a self-sustaining nonprofit by 2024

Your donation can help us raise the $500,000 needed to secure the mortgage at 1338 Main Street in Yarmouth (formerly the Riverway Lobster House). Once we’ve secured the mortgage, the current owner will loan us back $500,000 to cover the first year of operating expenses. This is a unique model that combines philanthropy and social entrepreneurship to create real, sustainable change!

Together, we can solve the problem of hunger and nutritional security on Cape Cod.

By addressing access, distribution and education, we can solve the food security challenges we face in our community.

What does a self-sustaining nonprofit look like?

A nonprofit that isn’t continually engaging in fundraising activities? Yes. Beyond our capital campaign to allow us to buy the property and build out our offerings, profits from The Commons at Riverway will be reinvested to run, sustain and grow the Family Table Collaborative.

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