The Commons at Riverway

A hub for the community

As Cape Cod’s community kitchen, the Family Table Collaborative distributes prepared meals directly to individuals and families. All profits from the Commons at Riverway will go to help run, sustain and grow the Collaborative. We are creating a self-sustaining nonprofit, working to end hunger while engaging the entire community. ​

At the reopened Riverway site, we will:

Introduce the new
Riverway Café & Tavern

Open our local
Maker’s Marketplace

Use some of the space for
ongoing community
functions, fundraising dinners,
wine and spirit pairings

Rent our kitchen to local food makers and entrepreneurs

Create a community herb & vegetable garden, utilizing sustainable, environmentally friendly farming techniques

Offer an array of educational opportunities, including cooking classes and guest chef demonstrations

Establish the FTC Media Center and create educational video content for the community

Build out 4 to 5 apartments on the property, creating affordable housing for employees

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