The Family Table Collaborative (FTC) distributes prepared meals directly to individuals and families. FTC was created in March 2020 as a rapid response program to address the immediate needs of families and seniors that struggled with food security due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Nutritional security on Cape Cod, however, is a full-time, year-round crisis. So far, we have prepared and distributed more than 94,000 meals, soups, and other food items for and into our community.

Our mission:
To end hunger and improve nutritional security on Cape Cod by breaking down the barriers of access to both prepared meals and education.

The Vision

Our initial community response addressed critical needs during the pandemic, but it is clear that the issues surrounding nutritional security on Cape Cod and the Islands are a full-time, year-round crisis.

With the purchase of 1338 Route 28 in Yarmouth (formerly the Riverway Lobster House), we will be able to effectively collaborate with local organizations and agencies that work in the food security space to amplify what they can provide. We project our current output of meals to increase three-fold by 2024.

A Self-Sustaining Nonprofit

A nonprofit that isn’t continually engaging in fundraising activities may seem like an enigma, but our vision is exactly that.

Beyond our initial capital campaign to allow us to buy the property and build out our offerings, every dollar of profit from the use of and/or purchases made at our new site will go to running, sustaining, and growing the Family Table Collaborative.

By addressing access, distribution and education, we can solve the food security challenges we face in our community.

Invest in the future of Cape Cod today!

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